Why should we advertise in a Career Guide or Career Fair Guide when we already participate in on-campus recruiting events?

There are many reasons. First, it is very likely that your recruiting team is inundated with resumes from students who do not meet your requirements. Your Career Guide ad may be customized with specific information to bring you only qualified candidates.  This feature alone allows you to save important resources and shift them to other needs. 

Second, through advertising sponsorship, you’ll clearly demonstrate your support of the campus career centers where you’ll be recruiting. By opting for this highly visible show of support, you’re automatically upgraded to “employer of choice” status among the students you want to attract and hire.

Third, you’re not getting the most from your recruitment dollars if your message isn’t visible for the entire school year. Unlike newspapers, websites and directories, students refer to their Career Guide repeatedly. This yearlong exposure keeps your company on top of students’ minds.

Finally, students rank Career Guides as their “most useful resource for career planning.” They expect to interview with, or learn more about, employers that advertise in their school’s Campus-Specific Career Guide.