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It’s Time for the Big East Career Fair!

CRM Pubs - Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It is our pleasure to announce that, once again, CRM is partnering with the Big East Consortium to provide the Career Fair Guide for the 2010 Big East Conference Career Fair being held March 12, 2010 at Madison Square Garden.

The Big East Career Fair will connect employers with students and alumni from the following universities:

A recruitment ad in the official Big East CFG allows employers to showcase their recruitment message, and promote their organization’s visit while standing out amongst their competitors, and attracting students to their booth.

Only a few ad spaces remain, so please contact Hector if you are interested in including your company in the 2010 Big East Career Fair Guide!

Click here for more details: 2010 Big East Career Fair Guide Advertising


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Stanford’s OJF Guide Goes to Print

CRM Pubs - Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Guide for Stanford’s 33rd Annual Opportunity Job Fair went to the printer today. This was our first time working on this particular project with Stanford, and we’re happy to report that it came together very well.

Just like Caltech’s Handbook, we’ll be looking at the proofs over the next couple of days before the book goes to press and finally ships to Stanford.

We wish Caltech and Stanford—their career center staffs, students and recruiting employers—all the best during the upcoming events.

And, once again, we’d like to say a big CRM THANK YOU to the advertising recruiters who made Stanford’s OJF Guide possible:

Bank of America

ELORET Corporation

FormFactor Inc.

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory


Research In Motion (RIM)

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Caltech’s Winter 2010 CF Handbook Goes to Print

CRM Pubs - Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The body of the Handbook headed to the printer today. We were busy putting the final touches on the editorial content, getting the final approval from the folks at Caltech, and placing almost all of the ads today.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll be looking at the printer’s proofs before the book goes to press and ships to Caltech in time for the event.

We’d like to say a big CRM THANK YOU to the advertising recruiters who made this publication possible:

City of Hope

CNA Analysis & Solutions

FormFactor Inc.


Knight Capital Group

Optical Research Associates


Palantir Technologies


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Career Guide Sample Pages Now Available

CRM Pubs - Wednesday, January 06, 2010
Yesterday we added a link to a PDF containing sample pages from the Career Guides we published for the University of Notre Dame, the University of Arizona, Purdue University and Texas A&M University. It's just a small sampling of the work we do, so if this whets your appetite to see more just let us know.

You can find the link in the Career Guides section on the Publications page.


Click me

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Planning Packets Are En Route to Our Schools

CRM Pubs - Tuesday, January 05, 2010
Tim is in the process of sending planning packets to our Career Guide partner schools.

“What is a planning packet?” you ask.
It’s the cornerstone of the production process. It’s a menu, if you will, from which our partner schools can select all the delicious bites that will appear in their unique publication. By filling out a few forms in the packet, they tell us exactly how they want their book to look. Some schools select many of the articles we offer, while others elect to develop their own content from scratch. They also receive key production deadlines so they’ll know exactly what their (and our) schedule needs to be in order to receive their printed books when they want them.

“Why don’t you publish a 100-page, 4-color book for every school?” you’re wondering.
Well, that is the dream for sure! And for the schools with lots of sponsors placing full-page, 4-color recruitment ads, it can be a reality. Luckily, with advances in digital print publishing, we now have more flexibility to offer schools who are interested in smaller-run, boutique publications a book of their own...even as few as a couple hundred copies. Most of our partners fall in between these two extremes with a combination of 4-color and b/w pages, page counts from 20-64 pages, and print runs between 2,000 and 5,000 copies with a few to 10,000 or even 15,000. Most Career Guides are fully funded through recruitment advertising revenue.

Stay tuned for more information about the production process at CRM, and feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss creating a unique publication of your own!

Also, here’s a big CRM THANK YOU to those partnering schools who’ve already responded to the planning packet.

Thanks for stopping by!
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January 2010 Stanford Engineering Opportunity Job Fair Guide

CRM Pubs - Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Make a connection with Stanford engineering and science students by showcasing your company’s recruitment message in the OFFICIAL Opportunity Job Fair Guide, published exclusively for Stanford’s Engineering Opportunity Job Fair (OJF). 

The OJF is sponsored by the Stanford School of Engineering and the Stanford Career Development Center, and is produced by The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), The Stanford Society of Black Scientists and Engineers (SBSE), The Stanford Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and The Stanford Society of Chicano/Latino Engineers and Scientists (SSCLES). 

Here are just a few benefits of participating in the OJF Guide:

  • Enhances your recruiting visibility at the first engineering career fair of 2010.
  • Promotes your organization's visit to campus
  • Helps you stand out among recruiters also competing for Stanford's sought-after students
  • Attracts students to your booth

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to show your support for the Stanford School of Engineering and reach all OJF attendees through our official Guide.

The advertising materials deadline for the OJF Guide is January 12, 2010!

Contact Hector or Ann to place your order today!

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Caltech Winter 2010 Career Fair Handbook

CRM Pubs - Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Recruitment advertising opportunities are still available in Caltech's Winter 2010 Career Fair Handbook! 

Connect with career-focused seniors, PhDs and Postdocs, and students searching for internships, by advertising in the Career Fair Handbook, the OFFICIAL program guide of Caltech's Winter Career Fair!

The Benefits:
  • Enhances your recruiting visibility at the first career fair of 2010.
  • Guides are given to every attendee, which guarantees delivery of your recruitment ad.
  • Promotes your job opportunities to some of the most sought-after students in the country.
  • Positions your ad in the publication that students will use long after the Career Fair is over.

The deadline for advertising materials is January 11, 2010!

Email Hector or Ann to place your order today!

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Kicking Off the 2010-2011 Career Guide Season!

CRM Pubs - Tuesday, December 22, 2009
At CRM, we're looking forward to the holidays, but we're also gearing up for the new publishing season. Here's a glimpse at what we're up to:

Employers: Hector and Ann are already offering special Stimulus Plan rates for recruiters who place their orders early: Receive 25% off if you reserve space before January 1st in the Career Guides, or receive 15% off if you reserve space before April 15th!

Click: For Recruiting Employers to take advantage of this offer today!

For our partnering schools: In the meantime, Tim and Nan have been working on the planning packets for our school partners. There are many exciting new opportunities this season, and the one we're most excited to offer is 4-color custom covers for every book this year. Whether you design it, or we design it for you, it will be a design original to your publication.

CRM's extensive library of articles has received a solid once over, and the content has been updated to reflect current trends in the key topics facing graduating students as they move into the workplace.

There are many other projects afoot here at CRM, so stay tuned to CRM News! 

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