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The CRM Planning Packet

CRM Pubs - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why did I receive this?

As a kick-off to each new publishing season, CRM sends out a Planning Packet (in a PDF) that contains key deadlines, specifications, instructions for you and a few forms. Its function is to provide information and to start a dialog so CRM knows how you would like to update your guide.

Do I really have to fill out these forms?

Planning sheet 1 provides CRM with critical information, and is very important to submit to CRM so your guides get where they are intended to go in a timely fashion. The contact information you provide is important as well, so we don't inadvertently nag someone for information and materials they can't/won't supply—we don't want to be a nuisance.

Planning sheets 2 and 3 are important, too, but the information CRM is asking for via those forms can also be conveyed in an email if that is more convenient to you.

Share it!

In an effort to avoid being a nuisance, we usually email the Planning Packet to just one contact in your office. It contains quite a lot of information, though, and other staff members or individuals may need the information it contains. We hope you will share the packet with the necessary people. If you would like us to excerpt a page (i.e., the cover specifications page for your designer), please ask—we're happy to help.

Where is mine?

If you've worked with CRM in the past, and a Planning Packet doesn't arrive by January or February, please email us! Unfortunately, emails go awry or contact information changes. Sorry about that! We'll get it to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for stopping by!

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