Mission Statement

Through mutually beneficial partnerships with university clients and recruiting employers, College Recruitment Media strives to produce the highest quality career development publications.

About College Recruitment Media, Inc.

College Recruitment Media, Inc. (CRM), is recognized as the industry leader in the production of campus-specific publications for college and university career centers. Its network of Career Guides and Career Fair Guides encompass top universities from coast to coast.

Over the years, CRM has forged strong alliances with career centers and the employers that recruit on campus, enabling CRM to produce top-notch publications at little or no cost to its university partners. These print and digital publications are funded through the sale of recruitment and graduate school advertising.

The company’s primary objective for its client advertisers is to offer targeted advertising opportunities that enable them to reach their specific college recruitment objectives and fulfill their strategic hiring initiatives. The breadth of CRM’s publishing network includes many of the top undergraduate and graduate engineering schools, major Historically Black Colleges and Universities, premier state and private institutions, and a growing number of small specialty institutions.

What Is College Recruitment Media Offering?

It’s simple. We’d like the opportunity to publish a career guide for your career center. By partnering with College Recruitment Media, you’ll enjoy our highly respected personal service, which is always mindful of your most valuable resources—time, budgets and manpower.

What Is the Cost?

Ideally, nothing at all. The production cost of your guide can be offset with advertising revenue that is generated by our sales executives and accomplished with your cooperation. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics and prefer to implement a collaborative approach to the sales effort, which involves your career office, our organization and your recruiters. We don’t “outsource” the sales component to outside parties (i.e., no pesky telemarketers), so you’ll never have to worry that your recruiters are being harassed. Alternately, if you prefer a guide with very limited or even no advertising content, we have the flexibility to create a cost-effective publishing plan to meet your needs.

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College Recruitment Media Staff

Tim Clancy
President & Publisher

Nan Mellem
Art Director

Nancy Peterson
Business Office Manager

Hector Barrera
National Sales Director

Ann Morley
National Sales Manager/Federal Specialist