Ad Sizes

Full Page

Trim (Document) Size .............................. 8.25˝ x 10.875˝
Bleed Size .................................................. 8.75˝ x 11.375˝

If you would like your full-page ad to print all the way to the edge of the page, your artwork must include the bleed. The bleed overhangs the edge of the page and is intended to be cut off to prevent a thin white border if the paper shifts on press. In InDesign, set your document size to the Trim Size above, and when you export your PDF, turn on registration marks and you will see the place to add the bleed

Keep vital copy at least .25˝ from gutter or any trim edge (that would be
.25˝ from the 8.25" x 10.875˝ measurement above).

Half Page

Horizontal Image Area ............................. 7.25˝ (w) x 4.75˝ (h)
Vertical Image Area .................................. 3.5˝ (w) x 9.75˝ (h)

No bleed or crop marks necessary on half-page ads.

Quarter Page

Vertical Image Area .................................. 3.5˝ (w) x 4.75˝ (h)

No bleed or crop marks necessary on quarter-page ads.

Submitting Your PDF

PDF files with all fonts converted to outlines and high-resolution graphics (grayscale and color TIFFs at 350 dpi, and lineart at 1200 dpi). Please use the "PDF/X-1a:2001" settings option for outputting your PDF for CRM.

Resolution demystified: For questions about the resolution of artwork Adobe explains resolution here. See the "Related Topics" in the lower right of the Adobe page for tips on resizing and resampling. Or you can read about resolution in our blog post on the topic.

Bleed explained: Minuteman Press has posted a 2-minute YouTube video explaining the purpose of a bleed.

Please note, any spot colors used in the design of your ad will be converted to CMYK for
4-color insertions. All colors will be converted to grayscale for B/W insertions. We recommend making these conversions before you create your PDF.

Third Party Branding Inside Your Ad: If you use third-party branding (logos, word marks, seals, slogans) inside your advertisement, you must present CRM with written documentation from the third-party granting you permission to use their branding in the artwork you supply. 

If you prefer not to use the FTP upload at the right, you may submit your artwork via email to Nan or mail it on a CD or DVD to our Geneva office. 

Insertion Instructions

In the comments area to the right, please specify the publication(s) in which you wish your ad to appear.

All PDFs are reviewed upon receipt and a confirmation proof will be sent to you in a timely manner.

If you need to submit your ad in another format, please contact Nan for special instructions.

Design Services Fee

We encourage you to handle your own design work because you know your brand best. The design services fee will be charged for any ads arriving at CRM that are not print-ready PDFs or InDesign documents.

$125/hr. charged in 15-minute increments at the discretion of CRM. A CRM staff member will contact you before completing any work that may incur this fee.

Important Terms Regarding Artwork

Advertiser is responsible for submitting camera-ready artwork to CRM. Failure to submit artwork by the materials deadline grants CRM the right to print the advertiser name in the Advertiser Index without corresponding artwork. CRM will place advertiser's logo and URL in reserved space. No refunds will be made if advertiser does not provide artwork before materials deadline. Please contact your CRM representative 10 business days prior to materials deadline if you are having difficulties with providing artwork. Thank you.

CRM's Commitment to the Environment

Most of CRM's publications meet FSC certification requirements. Learn more at the Forest Stewardship Council's website.