Career Center Guides

What Is CRM Offering?

It’s simple. We’d like the opportunity to publish a career guide for your career center. By partnering with CRM, you’ll enjoy our highly respected personal service, which is always mindful of your most valuable resources—time, budgets and manpower.

What Is the Cost?

Ideally, nothing at all. The production cost of your guide can be offset with advertising revenue that is generated by our sales executives and accomplished with your cooperation. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics and prefer to implement a collaborative approach to the sales effort, which involves your career office, our organization and your recruiters. We don’t “outsource” the sales component to outside parties (i.e., no pesky telemarketers), so you’ll never have to worry that your recruiters are being harassed. Alternately, if you prefer a guide with very limited or even no advertising content, we have the flexibility to create a cost-effective publishing plan to meet your needs.

What You Get:

  • A professionally designed and printed career guide customized with your own content.
  • The option to supplement your campus-specific content with royalty-free use of articles that we provide.
  • The opportunity to receive the guides free of charge once advertising goals are met, as well as the possibility to participate in a revenue sharing plan.
  • A straightforward printing agreement with no hidden charges or misleading “fine print.”
  • Friendly, professional service from experts with many years of proven experience.

Career Fair Guides

CRM can also create a professionally designed and printed guide to distribute at your next career fair or recruitment event. Your guide can be fully customized with event maps and information, as well as space for showcasing employer participation and sponsorship.

Whether your career fair is for one campus, or a large event comprised of many participating schools, CRM can create a guide that meets your needs and arrives at your event on time.

Our Career Fair Guides:

  • Include fully customized content.
  • Are professionally designed and printed.
  • Offer revenue-sharing potential.
  • Put a polished look on your event.

Digital Editions

CRM will provide you with a free Standard PDF of your guide at the conclusion of the print production cycle (follow the link below to learn more).